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Doesn't take up a phone line and no data cap!

We have many business and residential packages available. Please give our office a call so we can help you with packages and pricing in your area. Cable modem customers may either rent the cable modem for $7/month, or buy the cable modem for $65.. If you rent the cable modem, and it becomes damaged, we will replace it for no additional cost to you. If you buy the modem from us it comes with a 30 day warranty, if something happens to the modem during this period we will replace it at no cost to you. If something happens after this 30 days you will need to purchase or rent  a new one. 

We also supply Netgear routers with the same options, $3/month to rent or $35 to buy.

Call our office for installation fees.

All prices, including business, will have a ten dollar discount for bundling with basic cable television service. All business packages are ten dollars higher and come with a static IP, if desired. Any additional static IP will be five dollars more a month per static. Running a dedicated server such as a mail or web server is prohibited on residential packages.