Ind. Co Cable TVs broadband Internet services are available at different upload and download speeds and prices. The specific speeds and prices are identified at various locations on web site and are also available by calling us at 870-793-4174. While Ind. Co Cable TV engineers its network to achieve and even exceed the “up to” speeds for each of the service levels offered, we cannot guarantee that individual customers will always experience those speeds. The following variables, which are often outside of Ind. Co Cables control, can affect the actual speeds experienced by a customer:

  1. Performance of a customer’s computer, including its age, processing capability, its operating system, the number of applications running simultaneously, and the presence of any adware and/or viruses.
  2. Type of connection between a customer’s computer and receiving equipment. For example, wireless connections may be slower than wired connections into a router. Wireless connections may also be subject to greater fluctuations, interference and congestion.
  3. The distance packets travel(round-trip time of packets) between a customer’s computer and their final destination on the Internet, including the number and quality of the networks of various operators in the transmission path. The Internet is a “network of networks.” A customer’s connection may cross the networks of multiple providers before reaching its destination, and the limitations of those networks will most likely affect the overall speed of the customer’s Internet connection. In fact, many Internet speed tests use servers that are located off the Ind. Co Cables network and it’s provider’s network and may provide results that are lower than the speeds provided on network.
  4. Congestion or high-usage levels. If a large number of visitors are attempting to access a site or particular destination at the same time, and that site or destination does not have sufficient capacity to serve all of its visitors efficiently, a customer’s connection may be affected. Performance may also be affected due to heavy use of our Internet service by our customers.
  5. Website owner’s gating of speeds or access by the website or destination. In order to control traffic or performance, some website owners may limit the speeds at which visitors can download material from their sites. Those limitations may reduce the customer’s speed of connection.
  6. The performance of the equipment you have installed. Equipment performance may degrade over time, and certain devices are not capable of handling higher speeds. In addition to the variables described above, Internet speed will depend on the service level to which a customer subscribes.

In order to serve and anticipate our customer’s needs, Ind. Co Cable TV will be performing tests of network performance through out points on it’s network over the next few weeks and that data will be posted here.